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6 Free Vacation Rental Websites

This week we are looking at vacation rental websites where you can advertise your holiday home for free.

It’s not all about the big guns like Flipkey, Homeaway and VRBO.
Sure these sites may draw more visitors than most but the more places that you advertise the more people can find you.

Some are free, some are initially free and some add commission to your own rates.

1. Housetrip

1. Housetrip.com

I read this on techcrunch,

HouseTrip.com, one of the startups working at the accommodation end of the collaborative consumption market, with a platform for people to rent out homes online, has picked up a roomy $40 million as it looks to scale up its operations en route to booking 3 million nights of accommodation this year. The C Round for the London-based company is being led by new investor Accel Partners, with existing investors Index Ventures and Balderton Capital also participating. The funding brings HouseTrip’s total raised to date up to $60 million.
You can read the full article here

NB. With this sort of funding they must have a fairly hefty advertising budget and that brings page views and bookings!

This is from the hometrip site,

If you are a host (owner) , just define the price you want to charge per night, then we will add our flexible commission (typically between 10% and 20%) on top. Your guests will pay the price you want to receive plus our commission.

2. Welcome-worldwide

2. welcome-worldwide.com

This is from their website,

If you own a holiday rental property, whether it is a holiday villa with a pool, holiday country cottage, a rural house or a holiday beach apartment why not advertises it with Welcome Worldwide? With Welcome Worldwide you have the potential to reach millions of possible holidaymakers looking to rent a holiday home.

We cater for all types of holiday property, so whether you have a holiday apartment in a ski resort, a holiday beach villa or an apartment in a busy city like London, Paris or Barcelona we are offering you the opportunity to create a free advert with Welcome Worldwide?

Create your holiday property advert now and you will never have to pay for it. No bank details or credit card information is required; to advertise your holiday property with us all you need to do is create an account. Once you have an account, it is very easy to create and modify your holiday rental property advertisement. You can include a range of prices, photographs in full HD, maintain your online calendar and more. You will receive your rental enquiries via email, telephone and sms text message, and all of this is totally free of charge.

To create your account and your holiday rental property advertisement please click on the link in the owner’s access section in the right hand column or click on the link below.

Submit My Villa

This holiday rental property advert offer is only valid for the next 50 holiday rental property adverts.

3. Bobzio

3. Bobzio.com


Here’s their blurb,

Bobzio.com is a coop of vacation rental owners.  The website if free to list personal vacation properties for rent.  As a coop Bobzio.com operates for the benefit of the members.  Surveys are periodically sent out to identify new systems, innovative methods, and simply great ideas for marketing and managing vacation rentals.  The surveys address products, services, and systems that owners have tried in the course of marketing and managing their personal properties.  Occasionally emails are sent to us regarding experiences with various services or products that we follow up with by asking other members their opinions.  The target is to survey a minimum of 500 vacation rental owners regarding first hand exposure and experiences

4. Vacation Rental Connection

4. vacationrentalconnection.com


Here’s what they say,

We are a different kind of vacation rental company. We don’t charge any fees to visitors looking for a vacation rental or to the owners who list their properties with us. Surprised? You’re not the only one.

You’re first thought is likely, “Why do you offer free vacation rental listings? What’s the catch?” There is no catch. You can list as many vacation properties as you wish for free. This is not an introductory offer. There are no fees for uploading pictures or hosting. It is 100% free. Period.

5. Domegos

5. domegos.com


Here’s what they say.

Increase your vacation rental occupancy rates through promoting your vacation home to millions of international travelers for FREE:

Thousands of vacation home listings and growing!
17+ photos, interactive map, availability calendar, customer feedback and many more
International promotion on 18 websites in 10 countries in 5 languages
Driving traffic through optimization for all major search engines

 100% FREE!

 No yearly fees
No commissions
No hidden costs


6. Free-rentals

6. free-rentals.com


Here’s their blurb,

Promote your vacation home rental through our free website. Renters contact you directly. We do NOT get in the middle of your transactions. Inquiries are sent directly to you and we charge NO commission when you land a booking.


Here’s the vacation rental review takeaway

vacation rental review takeaway

There are plenty of “free to advertise” vacation rental websites out there.
I just Googled “free vacation rental listing websites” and good old Google returned quite a long list.
I just took 6 of the top 10 to show you some of those available.

I look at it like this;

  1. I love free. (and so should you)
  2. Times are hard. We are all trying to deal with this economic downturn.
  3. The more websites that you advertise on, the more places you can be found.
  4. If you only get one extra booking ~ That’s one extra booking!
  5. It only costs your time.
  6. What have you got to lose? Nothing, that’s what.
  7. What are you waiting for.


What do you do?

I hope that you found this article on 6 Vacation Rental Websites That Are FREE To Advertise On useful.

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Are you using any FREE to advertise listings websites?
What’s the best one that you have found?

I would love to hear your views.
Please use the comments section below to share your thoughts.


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17 thoughts on “6 Vacation Rental Websites That Are FREE To Advertise On.

  1. Sandra says:

    Hi Alan,

    Will give some of these a go, thank you.

    I have only received 1 booking from a free listing site and that is getaway earth but just last week I got a unexpected booking – the lady who booked through Getaway Earth recommended our home to her friend (even though she’s not stayed yet) and the friend has also booked.

    1. Alan Egan says:

      Hello Sandra,

      Thanks for the information. I’m glad to hear that you had some success with a free listings site. Not once but twice, in effect. It just goes to show that you have to be in it to win it. When I write a follow up article to this on I will be sure to mention Getaway Earth.

      Regards Alan

  2. Brenda says:

    hi, Alan! One you left out: Dwellable! We are on the web as well as on mobile devices. CNN named our iPad app a top 10 travel app and Dwellable is a Google Staff Pick on the Google Play Store for Android devices. For most property owners and managers, we are the best way to make sure your listing is searchable on mobile devices–and listings are absolutely free.


    1. Alan Egan says:

      Hello Brenda,

      Sorry that you feel left out. This was not intentional, it’s just that you were not in Google’s top 10 results. I’m a big fan of Dwellable (as you know) and I will be giving you a mention in a follow up article regarding vacation rental apps – size matters. Any vacation rental owners reading this should head over to Dwellable and sign up, their app renders photos really really well. If your photos look good they will look great on a tablet in their app. See http://rentmoreweeks.com/2012/10/14/vacation-rental-apps-and-vacation-rental-photography-size-matters/ for more details


  3. Mike Smith says:

    Another Vacation Rental Website that is free to advertise your holiday home on is http://www.findaplacetostay.uk.com

    The first 1000 advertisers will be able to list their property(s) completely free of charge for at least 6 months.

    1. Alan Egan says:

      Thanks for the heads up Mike.

  4. Alan Egan says:

    T Powell left this comment on the Homeaway communtiy thread about this post.


    There are a handful of “Free” vacation rental websites. It seems most of the free websites just can’t hang in there with the big boys live Homeaway and all the other websites they own. However, there are some newer websites in the industry that offer a free listing with 1 photo for the lifetime of your account and then additional photos cost a little more. The website is http://www.FVRA.com and seems to be newer but has a lot of great features missing on some of the major players out there. Best of luck everyone, we need to learn to market our propertiers better than ever right now.

  5. Many thanks for the list of free vacation rental websites.
    Here in the UK I am listed with http://myfavouriteholidaycottages.co.uk

    By linking to their site from mine I have a free listing

    1. Alan Egan says:

      Thanks for that Jean.
      Have you had any bookings through them yet?

  6. One more is missing, free to list and get your own vacation rental website in 3 clicks: http://rentini.com

    Rentini.com makes it easy to rent out your vacation home. We provide you with all the necessary tools to manage your vacation rental: calendar, payment portal, and even a website dedicated to your property. Give us a try, it take less than 5 minutes to get your listing up and running.

    Join by Nov 30 and enter in the iPad mini drawing!

  7. charles says:

    Delighted that the free listings mentioned have generated bookings for their owners!

    Our free fully featured listing offer is still open, so please feel free to sign up and list now…spend some time getting your listing to look its best, and we will have it live as rapidly as possible.

  8. Claudette says:

    I’m new to the vacation rental business and found this article very helpful. Thank you! I’ve already added my listing to a number of these free sites 🙂

  9. Claudette says:

    I’m new to the vacation rental business and found this article very helpful. Thank you! I’ve already added my listing to a number of these free sites 🙂

    1. Alan Egan says:

      Glad to help Claudette

  10. Davy says:

    Me and my wife, we are starting a new vacation rentals website as web artisans: http://www.guestsandhosts.com

    You can try for free for 6 months using the following promo code:

    We have made customizable listings, with different styles et models.

    Any comments are welcome.


  11. Jay says:

    VRBO is disgusting I’ve been with them almost since their inception to the vacation rental online listing business. I remember paying less than a $100.00 bucks annually less than 10 years ago. Now, they charge more than $375.00 with so many less options. They seem to forgot how they emerged as a big player. Or maybe they simply don’t care cause they can swallow all other players and rule as one! Nickeling and diming you with so many restrictions on your posting to conform to their exuberant profit squeezing machine will force you to look elsewhere. Yikes………….for the greed, that drives this company or any other monopolizer.

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