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Vacation Rental Reviews – Part 4 – Captions

This week we continue our look at reviewing your VR listings adverts by looking at the photo caption section of your ad’s.

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Anyway, let’s talk captions.

More owners go wrong here than in any other area of their adverts.

What’s the point? 1010, that’s the point…

As you are well aware, the saying goes,
            A picture paints a thousand words.

Well that’s all well and good, but in my book,
A picture with a meaningful caption paints 1010 words.

And those extra 10 words convey extra information and that information informs web visitors and,


What most people do = (what not to do).

If I had a dollar for every bedroom photo in the listings that has the caption “Bedroom”  (no s**t Sherlock, even a three year old can work that out) I would be making as much money as Homeaway and VRBO put together.

But this is not about what I may be earning, this is about what you, as a vacation rental owner, could be earning and take it from me, you could be gaining more bookings if you apply some thought to adding smart captions.

The point I’m making here is that stating the obvious with captions like “Bedroom”, “Living room” and “Pool” brings nothing to the party, in fact you may as well not even have a caption at all.

You can use around 80 characters… So do so!

You can use around 80 characters (including spaces), or about 12 words, so “Bedroom” or “Lounge” are just not carrying their marketing weight.

Be more colourful

Here are a handful of examples to highlight where I’m coming from;

Lounge photo – Caption = Bring your laptop and enjoy free wi-fi (38)

Lounge photo – Caption = Sit back and relax – premium cable package (42)

These are two very good examples as they highlight things that you cannot see in the photos, namely, wi-fi and cable TV. Sure you could read the descriptive text and find these mentioned but why not get these extra selling points across early by way of the photo caption?

Bedroom photo – Caption = Air conditioned twin with Ralph Lauren Bedding (47)

Bedroom photo – Caption = Guest Rm – Queen Size Bed, Desk/Dresser, Private Balcony, Large Closet & En-suite (80)

Once again, these 2 captions add to the information conveyed by the photo. You can’t see the air con and both carry additional information.

Bathroom photo – Caption = Guest Bathroom, Tub, Shower & Toilet w/Comfy Towels, Hair Dryer, Shampoo, etc. (76)

Kitchen photo – Caption = Fully-equipped kitchen with high end appliances (47)

Kitchen photo – Caption = Large counter top island-snack, work, play games (49)

Dining room photo – Caption = Seating for 6 with gorgeous stoneware and wine glasses, perfect for dining in! (77)

Pool photo – Caption = Go on-dive in – Private pool Tropical surroundings (50)

Deck photo – Caption = Fire up the barbecue, open a bottle of wine and it’s aloha al fresco (68)

Use all of the space provided.
The photo captions are another bit of real estate in your ad where you can potentially sell a prospective renter on your home. You’re paying for the space, so why not use it?
When writing your captions do not use all capital letters.

Here’s the vacation rental review takeaway

vacation rental review takeaway
Success with vacation rental marketing lays in the detail. Pay attention to detail across the board and you will maximize your bookings.
Adding meaningful captions may seem a small step to take but as less than 10% of owners put any thought into this area it’s easy to forge ahead of the crowd.
  1. Pimp your captions.
  2. Take your word count to the MAX.
  3. For inspiration, research captions that others are using.
  4. Convey “extras” that can’t be seen in the photo’s.
  5. Use words like cozy, romantic, private, etc.
  6. Highlight your major selling points.

What do you do?

Are your captions meaningful?
What’s the best caption that you’ve come up with?

I would like to hear your views and I would love to see some examples.
Use the comments section at the bottom of the page to share your thoughts and examples.


Need more help?

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