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Vacation Rental Photography ~ Photo Of The Week – Wk.2

I have chosen this weeks winning vacation rental photos because they address a very common problem in a rather clever way.
The property is located in Florida and, as is the case with so many holiday homes there, it has a caged pool.
Now these pools are never easy to photograph. Whatever you do you seem to get images that are all cage and little pool.
At best you tend to get a lot of cage shadow.

These owners got around the problem with not one, but two different ways…

Let’s cut to the chase…



vacation rental photography wk2

Brilliant use of an umbrella blocks a lot of the cage and great, colourful, eye-catching, table settings draw the eye to the foreground. Top marks for creativity.

vacation rental photography wk2 no2

The best way to hide something is in the open. Here the cage is lit so it stands out more than usual. But standing out from the crowd is ideal when marketing your holiday home. I think it works well in this case.

Standing out from the crowd.

To succeed with your vacation rental photography you need to stand out from the crowd and shots like these do just that.
They achieve this, mainly, because so few owners attempt to take creative shots.

Most owners just take snaps of the exterior and each room.

If you think a little outside the box and carry out a marketing makeover to produce better images, you too could be getting more bookings.

What are your vacation rental photographs like?

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