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6 Cheap Ways To Better Vacation Rental Photos

Extra bookings on a shoestring.

As I have mentioned time and time again the easiest way to make your online collection of vacation rental photographs more eye-catching is to make them more colourful.

The human eye is drawn to colour, it just can’t help itself. So if you make your photos more colourful potential guests will be not be able to look away.

Give it a try. Here we look at half a dozen cheap ways that you can employ to achieve this.

6 of the best


1. Fresh fruit…

A slice of water melon adds colour to this table photo

A bowl of green apples, fresh oranges or, in this case, a slice or two of water melon boost colour and add a splash of colour to your images.
All in all, better pictures for less than $10.00

2. A coat of paint…

plain white roomSame room with a splash of paint on one wall

These two photos of the same room, one before and one after, say more than I can about the use of colour.
One can of paint – One wall painted – Under $30.00
Ask yourself – Where would your rather stay? Which photo is more eye-catching?


3. Brightly coloured towels…

boost colour with a bright towel

Here I have just added a brightly coloured towel in to the forground.
This adds colour, content, holiday association, form and foreground interest.
Once again this is just more eye-catching than without the towel.
Cost, less than $15.00

4.Bright waxcloth, fabric or plastic tablecloths…

Brightly coloured tablecloths really liven up your images, they are cheap and attractive.
This Spring Blooming Tulips Plastic Table cloth is available from http://www.partyanimalzpartyshop.com/bloomingtulipsparty.htm
It really attracts the eye and only costs $ 10.75 for a cloth that measures 54″ x 108″, and is designed to fit standard banquet tables 6 to 8 feet in length.

5. Dazzling cushions…

dazzling cushions add a splash of colour

You can spice up both your indoor and outdoor marketing photos by adding some dazzling cushions to a chair, sofa, lounger or bed.

These lively cushions are from http://www.adaanddarcy.com.au see their website for more details.
Now, these cushions are not that cheap but there are plenty of brightly coloured cushions out there that are.

6. Inflatable pool toys…

Boost colour by adding inflatable pool toys

Boost colour by adding an inflatable pool toy.
These always look good, are really colourful and guests often buy these for their kids and leave them behind on departure so you may not even need to buy one. This colourful clown fish (not Nemo) is 50 ” long and costs less than $9.00 from http://www.qualitypooltoys.com/rideons.html

I’ve used inflatable beach balls and arm bands, both in the foreground, in some of my photos for the same effect.


Here’s the vacation rental review takeaway

colourful lounge

Colour attracts the eye. It does this on a primal level. Our eyes are drawn to it. They just can’t help themselves.
It has something to do with avoiding fire and spotting tigers. It’s a survival thing. We are all powerless to override it.
That’s the reason that stop lights are bright red and not powder blue.

Use this fact to get your vacation rental photos noticed.

Introduce bold colours to your images and they will become more eye-catching and eye-catching images win clicks.

How simple is that?

PS. I found this image (above) by image searching Google for the term “colourful rooms”. It comes from HomeKlondike.com – Home Interior Design, Architecture and Decorating Ideas Do the same for inspiration.

What do you do?

Are your photos colourful?
Could you boost colour by adding some cushions here and there? Maybe you could paint the town red?

I would like to hear your views and I would love to see some examples.
Use the comments section at the bottom of the page to share your thoughts and examples.


Need more help?

I hope that you found this article on better vacation rental photos useful.
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