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Vacation Rental Apps and Vacation Rental Photography – Size Matters

Getting The Big Picture – Part one….

This week I’m, looking at the big picture or, looking at the importance of the big picture.
Vacation rental marketing is changing. In fact it has already changed. You may not even be aware of the change.

Do you have a tablet?
Maybe an Android or an IPad?

If not, you may need a tablet after reading this article.
Maybe a Valium or some other sedative?

Here’s why

Up until very recently everyone was searching for a vacation rental in pretty much the same way,

1. They logged on to Google, Bing or another search engine and typed in “vacation rental florida” or whatever and up came the search engine results.
2. The search engines list included Homeaway, VRBO, Ownersdirect, etc, etc.
3. They clicked on one of these sites and, once there, redefined their search.
4. They were then presented with a set of thumbnails showing the first twenty or so properties that matched their search parameters.
5. From here they made their decisions based on sub-liminal comparisons. A process called thin slicing.
6. They compared these thumbnail images and made choices based on these initial image lists.


So, what’s different now?

1. The vacation rental app. That’s what!
2. Full screen search. That’s what!
3. No thumbnails. That’s what!
4. No side by side competition. That’s what!
5. Stand alone sales strength. That’s what!

If you are still using a PC, a laptop or a netbook then you probably don’t know what i’m talking about. In effect we have jumped from comparative search to memorable search. Before the birth of the vacation rental app all you had to do was stand out in the crowd, but, now you have to be outstanding – all on your own!

It’s a whole new ball game.


 My, My, What big photos you have…


Dwellable app on the Ipad

How things look on Dwellable’s app

Photos in the vacation rental app appear up to 36 times bigger, in area, than the aforementioned thumbnail, that’s like blowing up your passport photo to 6″ x 6″.
What a shock that would be!
That would show your every blemish.
Warts and all!

Well, that’s the same when it comes to showing your vacation rental.
Your leading photograph will be blown up to full screen.
Your subsequent photos will be shown full screen.

Good photos will look better, bad photos will look worse! 

Good photos look great when viewed on vacation rental applications on a tablet but a dead leaf in the swimming pool will draw the eye like a dead body floating in there. An electrical lead on the floor will stand out like a hosepipe. Weeds growing on the patio will look like bushes.

Your online portfolio needs to be of a much higher standard.

Here’s the vacation rental marketing takeaway

Vacation rental marketing takeaway

The vacation rental app is here to stay. “As sure as eggs is eggs” the number of VR apps out there will increase.

So, you need to get with the program. Or at least have a good look at the program and see what effect it’s having on your online image.

Start by reviewing your holiday property photos full screen. Look for blemishes, eye sores and other imperfections.

If things don’t look to good and this gives you a headache you have two choices –  you can attack the problem and look to improve your photo collection or you can head to the bathroom cabinet, take a tablet and hope that your headache goes away.

I will be looking at vacation rental apps in more detail next week…..So stay tuned.

What do you do?

Have you adjusted your online portfolio so that you look good in full screen mode?

I would like to hear your views and I would love to see your photos. So drop me a line or send me your photos.


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