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The Best Vacation Rental Review You Will Ever Have – Part 1

So, the summer season is over (in the northern hemisphere anyway) and it’s time to relax….

Wrong, it’s time to reflect and time to improve on what we have to offer. So what better, and easier, more effective place to start than with your Vacation Rental Listings Adverts.

Review, Revise, Reappraise, Renew, Refine, Rethink, Rewrite and Repost

When was the last time that you reviewed your vacation rental listing(s)? You know what they say? ~ “Professional writers should – Write drunk, and edit sober“.

Well I’m not sure about the drunk part but reviewing (and editing) your online listings in the cold light of day is great advice.

Here’s why…

review your vacation rental adverts

There are a number of reasons for this.

The primary reason for reviewing, revising and improving your online advertising is this;

Better adverts generate more click-throughs, stimulate more enquiries and help sell more weeks.

Secondly, if you are anything like me then you don’t find compiling listings adverts all that easy. You have to write quite a bit of descriptive copy regarding the property, the forms are not that intuitive to navigate through and the whole process is not very enjoyable. So by the time i’m done completing the forms, uploading all of the photos, coming up with reasonable captions, entering the weekly rates, filling in various contact details, etc i’m not looking at the results as objectively as I should be. I’m more “thank God that’s over with“!

Next, the VR listings sites like Homeaway, VRBO, Flipkey, etc. are, from time to time, changing the parameters of their listings. For instance, maybe you can show more photographs now than when you initially signed up? Maybe you can add some online customer reviews? Both of which can impact bookings.

Lastly, it’s free to do and, hey, you can’t beat free.

All in all a little time taken to review and improve can make all the difference in making the coming season a great season as far as booking goes!

Here’s the vacation rental marketing takeaway

Vacation rental marketing takeaway

Low season is not a time to take it easy, it’s the time to get ready for the coming year.

In short it’s the time to raise your advertising bar.

So the bottom line is, a review could well improve your advert, and it pays to improve your adverts.
Even if you rented your vacation rental for 51 weeks of the year – there was still that empty week that wasn’t filled.
You can always strive to do a little better.

Where to start?
Well, just log on to your advert (maybe print it out if you find that helps) start at the top, work your way down and make some notes as you go.
Set aside an hour or so to review each of your vacation rental listings adverts.

Look at your ads through fresh, sober, eyes.
Work your way through each section of each advert looking to make small improvements here and there. By improving your adverts and you will improve your booking rates.

The best vacation rental review that you will ever have is the one that you carry out yourself.

What next?

Well there’s a lot of ground to cover when it comes to reviewing each section of your various adverts, certainly too much to cover in this article, so I will be looking at various sections of these adverts, headlines, photos and photo captions, etc. in the next couple of weeks, so, stay tuned…

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I hope that you found this article on vacation rental reviews useful. I have also written a number of guides that teach, in an easy to follow, pictorial way, how to make a great impression.

Gaining great customer vacation rental reviews has nothing to do with the type of property that you own, it is all to do with customer service and customer care and this guide shows you how to leverage both care and service in order to get the best reviews.

The guide is set out like a cookery book and each recipe details the ingredients, and cooking instructions, covering all options from the guests pre-arrival to welcoming tactics, including client entertainments through to their departure and everywhere in between.

If you want to get on the 5 star review bandwagon and start driving more bookings toward your vacation rental home then this is the guide for you. The guide is in PDF format so download and read straight from your screen, now.


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