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Vacation Rental Marketing – Using Pinterest Part 3


Make your own infomercial in around an hour

Hello again,

Today i’m looking at Pinterest once more, but this time i’m looking at using it to stand out from the crowd by using video.
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Here’s todays thinking – Video rules

People tire of static web pages quickly but will watch hours of video

As i’ve said, Pinterest is a visual bookmarking tool that we can use to our advantage when advertising our vacation rental properties.
After reading the first two articles in this series you should now have an idea how to use Pinterest to showcase your vacation rental and inform web visitors about the region in which your holiday home is located. Both of those articles were looking at bookmarking (pinning) images, this article looks at pinning video

Here’s the point…

Informed web visitors are more likely to book a holiday.
If you provide more information than you are at the moment your conversion rates will go up.
If you provide more information than your competitors, web visitors are more likely to book a holiday with you than with them.
Video conveys more information than any other media.
So, by compiling a Pinterest board of videos showing things of interest in your area, you provide these web visitors with a one stop shop of information.
That information becomes associated with your rental property.
They become better informed and are far more likely to enquire about booking.

Here’s how to go about this

Head over to Youtube or Metacafe and search for things of interest in your area.
This could include historic places of interest, water-parks, local markets, annual festivals, sporting events, golf courses, local beaches, anything that you can think of.
There is such a huge amount of video on Youtube and Metacafe that you are bound to find something.
Quality test – Be sure to watch each video you find before pinning it.
Pin as many videos as you like, the more the better. 
Association marketing – Add a couple or more great photos of your holiday home too, with the name of your vacation rental and all of your contact details.

Here’s this weeks example

Last week I put together a board showcasing photographs of the island of St Nevis because that’s where I was at the time.
Now i’m in St Kitts so I have used both islands in this weeks example.
I have pinned videos that I found showing some beaches, some wildlife (including the monkeys), some showing the rain forest / volcano, some showing snorkelling and reef diving, one of a local band, I even posted one of the national anthem, etc.
I’m sure that you get the idea.

Here’s part of the resulting board.

vacation rental marketing and Pinterest

You can click on the image to review the actual board (and videos) on Pinterest.
The resulting url is http://pinterest.com/rentmore/st-kitts-and-st-nevis/
If you are clever and give this a little thought you could have a url something like www.pinterest.com/yourvacationrental/things-to-do-and-see-locally

Anyway i’m sure that you get the point. I have created a infomercial, or a one stop shop of information of St Kitts and St Nevis. Even if you had never heard of the islands before viewing these videos, you now have a very good impression of what they are like.
That’s the idea here.

Here is the vacation rental marketing takeaway

Once again, I have produced “Killer marketing material” in a little over an hour. 
I could add links to this pin-board (and any others that I have made) on my own vacation rental website.
I can refer to this url when replying to enquiry emails.
I can add a clickable image of it (as above) on my Facebook page.
It’s hugely informative, nice to look at, easy to make (and link to) and you don’t need to know a thing about computer code. 
And it’s free!
How good is that? 
All in around an hour – As I said before – Most people I know spend more than an hour a day on Facebook and that doesn’t bring in bookings like this will, and that resulting pin-board will work it’s magic for years.
Also this material helps me stand out from the crowd, see our  vacation-rental-owners-should-be-selling-dreams article for more on this, and you too need to stand out from the over populated, competitive, vacation rental crowd because that’s what kills the competition and nails bookings.

So start nailing more bookings with Pinterest

I have quite a few more ideas on how you can use Pinterest to further enhance your vacation rental marketing material and thus get even more bookings and I plan on posting these ideas in the coming weeks.

Are you using Pinterest? 

If you aren’t using it yet then maybe you should head over to http://pinterest.com and apply for an invite. The invitations only take a few days to come through.
If you are already pinning then share your boards here in the comments section.
I would love to see your work.

Other stuff you may find useful

I hope that you found this article useful
I have also written a number of guides that teach, in an easy to follow, pictorial way, how to make a great impression.

Vacation rental marketing makeover guideThe first of these is THE MARKETING MAKEOVER GUIDE and this 35 page guide covers how to make and take better photos. It’s packed with common sense advice, reveals professional tricks of the trade, shows real life makeover examples and comes with easy to follow check-lists.
All in all, it’s a great place to start on the road to more bookings.

Vacation rental marketing - creating a portfolioThose that purchase The Marketing Makeover Guide also receive, free of charge, our CREATING A PORTFOLIO GUIDE as a bonus and this guide looks at how to build a portfolio of 15 to 20 images, even if you only own a one bedroom apartment. Once again this guide comes with lots of examples and easy to follow check-lists.

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