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6 Reasons Why You Need A Vacation Rental Photography Makeover – Right Now

One of the greatest photographers of all time, Ansel Adams, said,

“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.”

And as I have mentioned before, there are only two types of vacation rental owner, takers and makers.
Those that take bookings and those that make bookings.
This all stems from making photographs, making good photographs, making better photographs.

You need to become a maker because of the following reasons.

#1. To make more money.

Ask yourself,
Do you want to increase your yearly income?
Do you want or need more bookings?
That’s why you are in the holiday accommodation industry in the first place, because you want to earn income from it. 
I’ve said it again and again.

The one guaranteed, quick and easy, way to increase bookings and income is to improve and expand your online photo collection.

Better photos sell more weeks!
More bookings = More money

#2. To increase click-throughs.

The initial click-through is the holy grail of vacation rental marketing, without it you will get no bookings, zero, zilch, zip. If you set aside some time to improve your lead photo alone you will get more click-throughs.
Look at your leading photo, how many points would you award it out of ten? 
If you answer anything less than ten then not only can it be improved upon, it is also costing you click-throughs.
If it’s costing you click-throughs then it’s costing you page views, enquiries and bookings.
And that’s just your lead photo!
More click-throughs = More bookings.

#3. To produce more attractive photos.

There is an art to attraction marketing.  
Learn this art and put it into practice. Just by applying a few basic rules you will produce far more attractive images.
For example, nearly all owners take photos at eye level – This results in showing lots of ceiling, so they point the camera down, so then the walls and windows look wonky. It’s a very common fault. All professional photographers take photos from below standing height because this solves these two problems.
Also try to add colour, form and content as these elements produce eye-catching images that sell.
See the examples below.
More attraction = More memorable = More desirable

#4. To expand your photo collection.

More is better when it comes to showing photographs of your holiday home and the surrounding area.
All images convey information and quite simply the more information you convey the more informed web visitors become.
If you displaying less than 15 images of your property, including some showing local attractions then you are under performing.
Raise the number of images and raise the information supplied to potential guests.
This decreases doubt in the mind of the visitor, alleviates worry, stimulates enquiries and boosts bookings.
More images = More page views = More enquiries

#5. To produce material to make an online slide-show

Internet users have a short attention span but they will spend longer watching a slide-show than viewing a static page. 
They learn more this way too. 
If you have around 15 – 20 images you can easily make a slide-show, they are free to make and you can 
host them online, free of charge.
Then you can link to your new slide-show on your listings page, enquiry reply emails, tweets, etc.
A little work results in added eye candy for your web visitors.
More engagement = Higher conversions = More bookings

#6. To make a video without video

Everybody likes watching a video.
In this case video is simply a slide show with extra detail and music. 
Take those same 15 – 20 images, add some captions (The name of the property, some details, contact information), throw in some music and away you go.
Free and easy to make using free software, like Google’s Picasa, and free to host on Youtube, Metacafe, etc. Boosts your credibility with Google and further influences clients.
More influence = More bookings

SEE what I mean!

So there you have it, 6 reasons to spend some time making new photos of your vacation rental property. It’s very simple really, works on a number of levels and makes you more money. 

Here are a couple of examples to show you what I mean.

A simple terrace table makeover

vacation rental photography

As you can clearly see this terrace table photo makeover took just minutes to set up and the only cost was some time and a slice of water melon. Now that’s pretty quick and very cheap. These two terrace images show how easy it is to make a huge impact on web visitors.
I have taken a fairly standard “view” and converted it into “come and have breakfast and take in this view”
This is attraction marketing in it’s simplest and best form.
Food and drink guide - The stageing of tablesI have produced a full colour, pictorial, guide that shows you how to achieve improvements like this by micro staging all tables, inside and out.

It includes more real life examples like this one, is packed with full colour images and comes with easy to follow check lists.

A simple bedroom photo makeover

vacation rental bedroom photo makeover

Here is another example of the power of attraction marketing. This makeover works because I have introduced the brightly coloured throw and flowers from the garden. These colours attract the eye.
Eye-catching images sell.
Bedroom makeover guideAgain I have produced a full colour, pictorial, guide that shows you how to achieve improvements like this by carrying out a bedroom photo makeover.
It includes real life examples like this one, is packed with over 45 Hi Res full colour images and comes with easy to follow check lists.

Where to from here?

A good starting point

Vacation rental photography made easy

I have written a number of guides that teach, in an easy to follow, pictorial way, how to improve the quality of your online portfolio.

Vacation rental marketing makeover guideThe first of these is THE MARKETING MAKEOVER GUIDE and this 35 page guide covers how to make and take better photos. It’s packed with common sense advice, reveals professional tricks of the trade, shows real life makeover examples and comes with easy to follow check-lists.
All in all, it’s a great place to start on the road to more bookings.

Vacation rental marketing - creating a portfolioThose that purchase The Marketing Makeover Guide also receive, free of charge, our CREATING A PORTFOLIO GUIDE as a bonus and this guide looks at how to build a portfolio of 15 to 20 images, even if you only own a one bedrom appartment. Once again this guide comes with lots of examples and easy to follow check-lists.

I hope that you found this article on vacation rental photography useful.
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