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Vacation rental marketing and christmas turkeys.

Just a short note today,

I would like to wish all vacation, villa, condo, cabin, cottage, holiday let and apartment rental owners  a DOUBLE seasons greetings.

Firstly, here’s wishing you all a merry festive season (what’s left of it) and a happy new year.

Secondly here’s wishing you a very successful and profitable booking season.

No sooner than the christmas season is over the booking season is already upon us.

As you may well know by now, I’m always prompting owners to improve their vacation rental marketing material and I’m always promoting Presentation, Presentation, Presentation, and as you can see the turkey in the above photo is beautifully presented. The little balls of stuffing are wrapped in bacon. The sprigs of mistletoe add colour.

So, over the coming week I would like you to think about the following fact.

Over 90% of all vacation rental owners spent more time preparing and cooking their turkey for christmas lunch than they did preparing and taking photographs of their holiday property.

Christmas lunch lasts an hour or two.

The booking season lasts all year, every year!

And nearly all owners never change those images once they have uploaded them.

There are only two types of vacation rental owner – Active and passive.

Want to join the elite 10% of vacation rental owners?

Don’t just sit there like a turkey, hoping for bookings, be active, drive bookings.


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