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Vacation Rental Marketing

“Trailers for sale or rent, rooms to let 50 cents”.
As you may, or may not, know these words are taken from a song called “king of the road” by Roger Miller.

This article is not looking at trailers for sale or rent though, but, as usual for rentmoreweeks, it’s looking at properties – and it’s no surprise that they cost more than 50 cents (well it is an old song) but that’s not the point here either.

Here is a little light hearted fun for you this week.

Have a look at each of the 10 photographs below and select which properties you think are for sale and which you think are for rent.


Vacation rental marketing - Sale or rent
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Vacation rental marketing - Sale or rent
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Vacation rental marketing - Sale or rent
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Vacation rental marketing - Sale or rent
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Vacation rental marketing - Sale or rent
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Vacation rental marketing - Sale or rent
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Vacation rental marketing - Sale or rent
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Vacation rental marketing - Sale or rent
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Vacation rental marketing - Sale or rent
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Vacation rental marketing - Sale or rent
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So how did you get on?

Did you think that there were more for sale than for rent?
Or more for rent than for sale?
Did you think it was 50 – 50?

Well here’s the result!

They are all for rent……Yep They are all for rent
Did you get that right?
I took these images from some vacation rental listings websites.
All of the images were leading, first page, images.

If you got the right answer, then hat’s off to you, well done.
Read on anyway

If you thought some were for sale…..
Look back over the photos and try to identify what made you think that a particular property was for sale and what made you think that another was for rent.
Then go and look at photos of your own vacation rental. What message are your own photos saying?

They should be screeming “RENT ME” “RENT ME” “RENT ME

Here’s the vacation rental marketing takeaway.

Vacation rental

The lesson here is that the more colourful photos, with pool and sun loungers around them, send a more powerful “RENT ME” message than a plain photos taken from the front of the house.
Colour and content rule.
After answering the sale or rent questions you should be able to see, quite clearly, the huge impact that colour and content have on the thought process.
And we’re not really talking about your thought process!
We’re talking about the thought process of people who are looking to rent a vacation rental property.
They are, after all, confronted with a similar “list” of photographs when choosing a holiday home.

What sort of image am I projecting, right now, in the listings?
Is that image screeming “RENT ME” “RENT ME” “RENT ME”?
Should I be changing my existing photo before the booking season starts?

It’s the little things that win extra bookings and I have put together a free Ebook showing useful tips that will help you boost your bookings. You can DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE EBOOK HERE right now.

If you don’t know the song king of the road or you do know it and you fancy a sing along You can hear it here on youtube, this version is live from the Johnny Cash show and Roger Miller is joined by Johnny Cash himself – ENJOY

I have written a number of guides for vacation rental owners.
They show, in an easy to follow way, how to produce top quality, high conversion, images for marketing your own vacation rental

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