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Are you the owner of a vacation rental property?
Are you advertising online.
Worried sick about the coming season?
Need more bookings?

Well, you’ve come to the right place.

I’m Alan Egan and I have been photographing and marketing vacation rental homes since the early days of the web and I’ve put together this website and a series of marketing guides to share the methods and techniques that professionals use to load the balance in their favour, ultimately to rent more weeks.

Let’s get down to basics…..

It doesn´t matter if your property is large or small, luxurious or rustic in style, or on the coast or inland –
What matters is how it´s presented for market.
“The very first decisions made by those that come across your property are based solely on what they see. Only after this stage do they begin to look at location, price, facilities, etc.”

The early days
When I started photographing rental properties nearly 10 years ago, I was acting as a rental agent for various home owners.
I would meet these owners, take details and photographs, write copy, add general information and advertise these holiday homes on my own vacation rental website. Of course, some houses had more bookings than others but some just seemed to sell many more weeks than the others.
That´s when I started to notice that certain types of photos, that I had taken, seemed to help sell more weeks.
I started to experiment and spent more and more time at the photography stage. Using my new methods and techniques.
I was so excited, that I revisited all of the properties that I had first photographed and reshot everything.
This took quite a long time but I knew I was onto a winner,
Then I replaced the existing online images with the new ones.
And you know what happened?
In my second season I had doubled my booking rates.
I only had a little point and shoot digital camera.

Word got round….

Well things went well from there, the website was doing very well, the owners were happy with the excellent booking rates, they recommended other owners, the website grew and I was soon taking photographs for other vacation rental listings owners, agents and other owners.
I don’t profess to be anything like a great photographer but I do know how to raise the bar when it comes to producing promotional images for holiday homes.
Anyone can make better images, armed with a little understanding and some time, you too can really boost your click-throughs, your page views and most importantly your bookings.

All it actually takes is about a day of your time, some planning and a few well chosen props.

The reason

One of the main reasons these techniques work so well is that most vacation rental owners don’t give much thought to what they show or how they show it, they just take some pictures of the house, inside and out and merrily post the photos to the listings.
The bottom line is, better images sell more weeks.
By employing these tips and techniques you too could be on the road to doubling your occupancy rates.

Vacation rental marketing for 2012 and beyond

I have put together a series of guides that will help you improve and expand your online marketing images and rent more weeks.

The guides in the rent more weeks series reveal the little touches that really boost conversions, they show, very clearly, pictorially, how you can produce powerful images like those shown in the guides. We have before and after examples, real life photo makeovers, easy to follow check lists and much more.

CSI – Vacation Rental Marketing – Crime Scene Investigation

The first in the series is free, you just need to download it, and it gives you an idea of what our guides are about. It looks at 6 of the most common errors that owners make when showing their home in the listings. It’s shows how easy it is to get things wrong, gives advice on remedies and is designed to get you thinking about how your property is presented for market.