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Vacation Rental Marketing Guides For Property Owners

Our guides teach vacation rental marketing, pictorially, across a number of areas.
From a basic marketing makeover guide and a creating a portfolio guide to more detailed guides like our bedroom marketing makeover and our atmospherics special all are packed with trade secrets, tips and techniques.

Are you the owner of a holiday Home?

Are you advertising on line?


Worried sick about the coming booking season?

Need more bookings?

Want more guests to sleep with you rather than the competition?

Well you have come to the right place.

Here at rent more weeks you will learn how to increase your rental income by turning your web visitors into, informed, eager to book, paying customers because you have fulfilled their holiday expectations, by their first look at your advert.

Worried about the coming rental season?
Do you also think it´s hard to be seen among thousands of online rental owners?

Clearly you know that each year, more and more villas, farmhouses, condo´s, cottages, etc enter the rental market and these are then placed with more and more online owner/agent websites.
That obviously means that there are more competing properties and so it´s becoming harder and harder to get your holiday property noticed online.
On top of that, every year, there are more and more holiday destinations to choose from.
Worse still, due to the ecconomic situation less and less people are going on holiday.

It is hard to get noticed among the crowd.

So you need to capture those web visitors out there that are searching online for a vacation rental in your area.

If I could show you a way to capture those visitors and teach you how to convert 15 percent, 25 percent or more clickthroughs and you ways to double or triple your bookings – would you be willing to spend a little time to learn it?

Imagine how much more money you would earn as a result?

Imagine what it would be like earning thousands of extra dollars a year on your rental house(s). All your worries about empty weeks and the cost of maintaining the property, pool and gardens are gone. You could offer your pet the very best pet-hotel it has ever dreamt of, while you take your family on your own dream holiday.

The information, on this website, is not available anywhere else on the web. So I urge you to have a very good look around because the secrets that can fill you bookings calendar and turn your desires into reality are revealed with in this site – and I don´t want you to miss them! I´ll reveal all of the techniques and trade secrets, which will produce amazing results on your future income. Just as it did mine!! It will help you to get the life of your dreams.

Have a good look around, Start by having a look at our FREE starter guide