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Vacation Rental – Need More Bookings?

Are you renting your vacation home out online?

Need more Bookings?

Who doesn’t?

Well it’s a LOT easier than you think

There is One Guaranteed way to increase your rental income, year on year, and that is to improve your online image. It’s that simple.

Online vacation rental comes down to just one or two things?

It’s an image war!


It’s a numbers game.

Let’s look at the image war first

Web visitors who are viewing vacation rental listings whilst looking for a holiday home scan the listings at increadable speed, initially scanning only the images. They compare these images and select potential, prefered, winners.
Your initial photograph (your main listings image) needs to be a winner.
It must stand out from the crowd.
This is the money shot, this is your one and only chance at a click-through.
If you take some time planning and making an improved image to the one that you are using now you will win more of these listings battles. How easy is that!

The numbers game

So thats a very brief note about images, now let’s talk numbers.

This is all about click-throughs, winning them and converting them.
In order to get a booking you need to win the aforementioned image war, the web visitor scans all of the properties, selects yours over the onpage competition, and you win that all important click-through. A percentage of click-throughs will convert, that’s a fact.

So, more click-throughs more conversions.

More numbers.

Once the visitor clicks through he or she will first scan the images shown on this and further pages.
The better the quallity and content of these photos the more likely they are to book. That’s more conversions.
The more photos you show, the more likely they are to book. Yet more conversions.

So, to recap

You want or need more bookings.
Here’s how.

Optimise (replace) your initial, main, listings photo with an improved
Results in more click-throughs (the only road to conversions)
Improve and expand your online gallery.
Results in more conversions (conversions = bookings = income)

Sounds easy?

Well it is, you just need to spend a little time improving on the images that you are using right now, upload the new ones, add more and you will see more enquiries and more bookings as a result.

To help show you what we mean and assist you in putting together a collection of improved images we have put together a series of full colour, pictorial, step by step guides.

These guides cover all aspects of marketing your vacation rental property.

Small image improvements make a big income difference.

Browse our vacation rental marketing guides NOW.