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Vacation rental marketing photography.

There is an art to maximizing bookings.
fortunately its very easy to learn.
In fact you can learn the basics in less than a day and once you know the basics you can implement this art and produce far better images that will convert at a far higher rate than those that you are using at the moment.
Web visitors want to imagine themselves on holiday
Nearly all owner renters fall into the trap of only showing photographs of their house.
Although that sounds crazy!
“What am I supposed to show” I hear you ask.
Well, potential guests (web visitors) don’t want to see pictures of your holiday home.
They want to imagine themselves on holiday.
Unless you take this fact on board and tailor your images accordingly you are missing out on a lot of bookings.

We have been photographing and marketing vacation rental homes for the internet for years, specialising in photo makeovers for clients and we know what a difference images tailored to this basic need can and do make to click through rates and bookings figures.
We have put together a simple to follow guide that shows you pictorially how to make these types of images.

All you have to do is purchase the guide, read through it and take some new, improved, images in order to boost your own bookings.
It really is that simple, costs next to nothing (even if you were to only get one extra weeks booking, in low season, it would pay for itself 10 times over), and it will take you less that a day to implement.
The guide includes information on how web visitors search for and select vacation rentals and details how to build a more powerful set of images of what you have to offer. It describes, in simple terms, what you need to do the job, some photographic basics as well as advice on taking interior and exterior photos. It also briefly covers galleries and slideshows and where to go from here.